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KV Kumar is the Managing Partner of KV Kumar & Associates. He has served all Presidents from Ronald Reagan and serves on boards of many organizations. His expertise includes Business Turnaround; Liaison & Government Relations; Crisis Management; Strategic Planning; Diversity; Alliance Building: and NGO's & Non-Profit Organizations. KV is married to Vijaya and they have two sons Sanjay married to Marissa and Vishnu married to Jessica.

KV is the recipient of 2015 Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his contributions (Several U.S. Presidents and eminent Americans are recipients of this honor). Kumar has spent over 130,000 hours or about a third of his life serving as a volunteer over four the past decades. As founder and or as founding member of many organizations, Kumar has played an important role in many organizations and in bringing the Indian American community to the forefront.

Kumar is featured in numerous prestigious publications and other forms of media, including the "250 Notable Asian Americans" in U.S.A; Diamond Jubilee Edition of Who is Who in America and Who's Who in the World; 650 Asian Americans in USA by the Asian American Almanac; Washington Times weekly magazine 'Doer's Profile'; and numerous publications.


  • KV Kumar is the National Chairman, U.S. Indian American Chamber of Commerce (2016-Present);
  • Member, California State District Appeals Board, U.S. Selective Service (2009-Present);
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees, "NAVIKA" North American Kannada Association (2018-Present);
  • Member, Board of Directors, Indian American Friendship Council (2017-Present);
  • Member, National Advisory Board, The Latino Coalition (2013-Present);
  • Member, National Advisory Board. Hispanic100 (2013-Present);
  • Honorary Patron, Global Initiative of Veterans (GIVE, 2016-Present);
  • Member, Board of Trustees, International Women's Think Tank (2014- Present).


  • Advisor, office of Public Liaison, The White House (President Ronald W. Reagan);
  • Deputy Chief, Telecommunications Office, Presidential Transition Team (President George H.W. Bush);
  • Lead Volunteer, Presidential Transition Team (President George W. Bush);
  • Member, Arizona State Board, U.S. Selective Service (President William J. Clinton);
  • Chairman, Arizona State District Appeals Board, U.S. Selective Service (President George W. Bush);
  • Member, Board of Governor's Committee of Bar Examiners, State Bar of California (Served under two Governors);
  • Member, Trump-Pence Asian & Pacific American Advisory Council;
  • Member, Republican National Committee's "Asian & Pacific American National Advisory Council";
  • Founding President of American Systems Corporation (TATA's collaboration);
  • Consultant to Management for Corporations, NGO's, Governments & Small Business Owners;
  • The World Bank & the Asian Development Bank staff (1969-86); Lead Volunteer, "Help the Senior Citizens", Volunteer Group, Mayor Walter Washington, Washington, DC;
  • Founding Member, Secretary and Advisor, Grievance Advisory Panel, The World Bank Group Staff Association;
  • Kannada Koota of Greater Washington, DC (Later renamed as "Kaveri"; First Kannada Assn);
  • Founding President, India Club of the World Bank Group & International Monetary Fund; Member, Advisory Board, BAPS Organized Festival of India, NJ (attended by over 2 million);
  • Co-Chairman, Asian American Voters Coalition;
  • Member, Board of Directors, Heroes & Heritage, Dedicated to Honor Men & Women in Uniform;
  • Vice Chairman, Asian & Pacific Americans Honoring Men and Women Returning From "Desert Storm";
  • Official invited guest on stage with President George W. Bush at The White House Conference on Economy.

Advocacy For Small Business:

Kumar has been a very strong advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses for four decades. He was the first Indian American to serve on the National Advisory Council and later as member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Small Business Administration, appointed by President George W. Bush. KV is the Founding Chairman Emeritus of the National Indian American Chamber of Commerce renamed in 2003 as the U.S. Indian American Chamber of Commerce (USIACC.COM).

He has served as:

  • Member, Board of Small Business Council of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce;
  • Member, Small Business Advisory Committee, U.S. Department of Energy;
  • Member, Round Table, Minority Business Development Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce;
  • Member, Business Coalition, Office of Public Liaison, the White House;
  • Consultant to Management for Corporations, NGO's, Governments & Small Business Owners;
  • Founder, Director & Chairman, Human Resources Committee, First Liberty Bank Corp;
  • Member and adviser to the Largest Official U.S. Trade Delegation to India;
  • Member, U.S. Trade Delegation to Sri Lanka;
  • Special Guest Speaker, Conference on Diversity at Workplace, U.S. Department of Energy (to an audience of over 100,000 employees and guests);
  • Member, Economic Dev. Committee, District of Columbia (Appointed by DC Mayor);
  • Member, Georgia State Small Business Committee (Secretary of State of Georgia);
  • Member, National Franchise Alliance Committee, International Franchise Association;
  • Co-Chief Guest of the Government at inauguration of Ccommodities & Trade Center, Yantai City, China.


  • Most Influential Multi-Cultural Business Leader 2009 (Atlanta Business Journal);
  • Lifetime Achievement for Outstanding Public Service, US Indian American Chamber of Commerce;
  • Distinguished Recognition for Advocacy to Small Businesses, U.S. Department of Commerce;
  • Award for outreach efforts to the Indian American Community by the Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy;
  • Recipient of several commendations and certificates of Congressional Recognition; Honored for Dedication & Community Service, National Indian American Chamber of Commerce; Six awards for Dedication to Minority Businesses by U.S. Hispanic Chambers of Commerce;
  • American Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi, Honored KV Kumar for his role in MoU between Govt. of India and U.S. Small Business Administration;
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the Indian Americans & Businesses;
  • Federation of Indian American Community of Southern California;
  • Outstanding Community Service, Indo American Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco & Bay Area;
  • Maryland India Business Roundtable Award In recognition of Leadership & Dedication to promote United States and India;
  • Special Recognition, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Mumbai;
  • Special Recognition, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), New Delhi;
  • Special Proclamation of Honor, City of College Park, Georgia;
  • USIACC Arizona State Chapter presented award to honor the National Chairman KV Kumar;
  • Honored for Contributions to Business & Finance, National Federation of Indian Associations (NFIA);
  • Special Guest of U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez to Conference on America's Competitiveness.

Service to Brain Injured & Their Families

KV has been an ardent advocate for the survivors & families of the brain injured for over twenty-five years. For about nine years, KV served as Member: U.S. Brain Injury Association: Policy Committees; Board of Governors & Vice President for Survivor Affairs, International Brain Injury Association; Arizona Governor's Council on Spinal and Head Injuries; Arizona State Rehabilitation Council, (Served for two terms on both councils - appointed by Governor of Arizona); Executive Board and Vice President, Arizona Brain Injury Association; Executive Board, Red Means Stop Coalition, Inc.

Kumar was honored by the Brain Injury Association (USA) for his 'Unheralded Advocacy", which led to the enactment of "1996 Traumatic Brain Injury Act" by the U.S. Congress; He was also honored by Senators on the CA Senate Floor (March 17, 2016) for services to people with brain injuries and their families, and for the assistance provided in passing of 1996 TBI Act by the U.S. Congress; Outstanding Achievement, IBIA President's Award for developing strategies for people with brain injuries in Stockholm, Sweden; Outstanding Service to people with brain injuries, Arizona Governor's Council on Spinal & Head Injury; Dedication to survivors of brain injury and their families, Arizona Brain Injury Association;

Special Awards & Honors:

  • Bronze Medal for Meritorious Service, U.S. Selective Service;
  • Honored Patriots, U.S. Selective Service;
  • Reception in honor of KV Kumar hosted on Capitol Hill by U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce;
  • "An Evening with KV Kumar", Hosted by Fisher & Philipps, LLP, & Asian Indian Chamber of GA; Extraordinary Leadership in support of Hispanic Education success, Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities;
  • Reception Hosted in Honor of KV Kumar at the U.S. Department of Agriculture by USIACC;
  • Distinguished Service, Strategist Par Excellence & Political Guru, Asian American Leadership Council;
  • Special Act Award for Outstanding support for National Gay Pride Month, Holocaust Remembrance & APA Heritage Month, U.S. Department of Energy;
  • Invited as an honored guest to Akshardham for Centenary Celebrations in for three days in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, honored with Blessings from Pramukh Swami Ji Maharaj at Akshardham;
  • Dedicated Service to the Indian American Community, Indian American Forum for Political Education;
  • Outstanding Leadership Award by the Lions Club of Little India & Indo-American Lions Club of Los Angeles;
  • Outstanding Service to Chinese Americans, Organization of Chinese Americans;
  • World Brahman Convention presented Tilte: "Brahma Shreshtha Puraskar" for extremely important contribution to Brahman Samaj;
  • AKKA (National Association of Kannadigas) Recognition as Guest of Honor; National Association of Americans of Indian Descent For Commendable Leadership, Charity, Kindness to Humanity.


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